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IIQ Testing Framework (ITF)


The flexibility of SailPoint IdentityIQ and its powerful configuration capabilities allow for the fulfillment of most advanced business requirements.  To properly implement complex business requirements, IIQ developers must perform extensive testing during development and ongoing management of IdentityIQ.


This testing process is highly intricate due to the vast number of elements that interact with each other (tasks, workflows, requests, etc.), often manual given the number of steps required to configure identities, accounts, test cases, test data, and non-repeatable given that test cases and test data are not stored for future use once the development is completed.


Our solution provides IdentityIQ developers and business users with a powerful testing plug-in that can be deployed to any SailPoint IIQ environment and Integrated Development Environment (IDE).  The plug-in, called IIQ Testing Framework (ITF), empowers SailPoint IIQ developers and business users with an easy-to-use tool that transforms testing into an automated and repeatable process by allowing the developers to define and store test cases and test data, run the tests, and receive test results validations in a matter of seconds.

What is IIQ Testing Framework (ITF)?

Our proprietary ITF plug-in is a distinctive solution that substantially enhances the quality of development efforts, shortens the time required for IIQ solution development, and simplifies testing for IIQ upgrades. The framework is user-friendly and benefits a wide range of SailPoint IIQ users, including:

  • SailPoint IIQ solution developers 

  • SailPoint IIQ solution testers

  • SailPoint IIQ System Integrators

  • SailPoint IIQ managed services teams


Clients using ITF enjoy high return-on-investment and powerful business outcomes, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction. ITF helps clients and developers achieve the following objectives:

1.         Enhance the quality of IIQ solution development

Considering the significant resources required to deploy SailPoint IIQ solutions, developers often struggle to complete development projects on time and within budget. This pressure can result in inadequate testing, leading to potential bugs and additional work. ITF’s capabilities enable developers to test continuously, thereby improving the quality of their development output.

2.         Accelerate IIQ development and testing processes

Testing should constitute a substantial portion of the overall development effort, whether for initial SailPoint IIQ development or change requests. ITF supports the solution development process by automating testing, considerably reducing testing effort through environment staging, test case definition and storage, automatic test case execution, and test result provision.

3.         Support clients in testing IIQ software upgrades

SailPoint IIQ software regularly undergoes updates, and ITF facilitates testing for these upgrades.

4.         Boost collaboration and knowledge sharing

ITF fosters collaboration among developers, testers, and business users by enabling them to create, manage, and share test cases and test data. Storing test cases and test data centrally ensures quick access and reuse, minimizing the time spent on generating new test cases and data, adopting best practices organization-wide, and reducing error and inconsistency risks.

5.         Build trust in the IIQ solution

By automating and streamlining the testing process, ITF helps developers and clients instill confidence in their IIQ solution. Comprehensive testing guarantees that organizations can rely on their IIQ solution to be dependable, secure, and aligned with their unique business requirements.

6.         Streamline compliance and audit procedures

SailPoint IIQ solutions often entail compliance and audit requirements. ITF simplifies these processes by offering clear and organized documentation of test cases, test data, and test results. This documentation demonstrates organizations' commitment to adhering to best practices and ensures swift responses to compliance and audit inquiries.

In conclusion, the IIQ Testing Framework (ITF) is an invaluable tool for SailPoint IIQ developers and business users. It streamlines the testing process, reduces development time, and ensures high-quality solutions are delivered. By automating and centralizing the testing process, ITF enables organizations to maximize their investment in SailPoint IIQ and improve customer satisfaction.

How ITF Works

Developed by senior IIQ solution architects, ITF is intended to be used from the very beginning of the development process and includes a growing list of powerful commands that allow the user to perform testing, such as:

●      Aggregate – performs single account aggregation using configured data

●      Refresh – runs identity refresh with configurable set of options

●      processEvents – invokes targeted lifecycle event

●      Maintenance – performs maintenance task to invoke backgrounded workflows

●      RunWfl – runs any workflow with arbitrary set of arguments

●      ValidateResults – allows validating any attributes of identity, link, role, application

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