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IIQ Testing Framework (ITF) 

Business Context

SailPoint IdentityIQ's flexibility and powerful configuration capabilities allow for implementation of complex business requirements. The more complex a system is, the more testing is needed during implementation and maintenance.

The Problem We Solve

Testing SailPoint IdentityIQ is highly manual and non-repeatable, which has major implications on your IdentityIQ deployment and your business:


Manual processes take too long to complete. 

With any new code, all testing needs to be performed from the very beginning because test cases are not being stored for future use.


Lack of time means that not enough test cases are being performed

Complex test cases can't be performed manually

The quality of your IIQ deployment suffers


Increased time translates into money spend on resources performing testing

Redoing work because of poor quality and bugs requires additional spend

Business Risk

Business risks associated with poor quality (e.g., wrong approver) 

Not able to easily upgrade to the latest version of IIQ

AI generated code requires even more testing

Our Solution

Our technology called IIQ Testing Framework (ITF) automates IIQ testing, and helps you achieve the following business outcomes 


More testing improves the quality of your IIQ deployment

product 2.png


Automated testing reduces effort, speeding up solution development

product 3.png

Support IIQ

Facilitate testing for SailPoint IIQ software upgrades

product 4.png


Foster collaboration among developers, testers, and users

product 5.png


Instill confidence in the IIQ solution with comprehensive testing 

product 6.png


Simplify compliance and audit procedures

How Does ITF Work?

IIQ Testing Framework (ITF) automates IIQ testing, stores test cases for future use, and performs validation instantly

- Example of how users test a simple Approval case in IIQ - 

ITF Technology

Developed by Certified SailPoint IdentityIQ Architects, ITF is a proprietary software that took many years to develop and test, and is currently in use at major global companies

  • It can be plugged into the SailPoint plug-in architecture

  • Easily installed in any SailPoint IdentityIQ environment

  • Integrated to any Integrated Development Environment (e.g., IntelliJ)

  • Written in Java and XML

  • Remains compatible with latest versions of SailPoint IdentityIQ

  • Fully documented and easy to learn and understand

  • Can be used by both developers and business users

  • Pays for itself fast

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