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ITF, a strong ally for SailPoint IIQ developments

ITF technology: a strong ally for SailPoint IdentityIQ developments

SailPoint IdentityIQ's flexibility and powerful configuration capabilities allow for implementation of complex business requirements. The more complex a system is, the more testing is needed during implementation and maintenance. Our technology, called IIQ Testing Framework (ITF), automates IIQ testing, stores test cases for future use, and performs validation instantly.


Why ITF Technology?

Developed by experts, used by leaders:

  • Created by SailPoint IdentityIQ Certified Architects.

  • Used by leading global companies.

Easy integration, fast deployment:

  • It integrates seamlessly with the SailPoint plug-in architecture.

  • Quick and easy installation.

Improved collaboration:

  • Works with any IDE (Integrated Development Environment) like IntelliJ.

  • Clear documentation and intuitive design for ease of use.

Robust and durable technology:

  • Developed in Java and XML, ensuring permanent compatibility with current versions of SailPoint IdentityIQ.

Fast and profitable investment:

  • Advanced features and optimized workflows reduce costs and increase productivity.

Ready for a better IIQ experience?

Contact us today and discover how ITF Technology can revolutionize identity governance in your organization.

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