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Partner Program

Join our growing partner network!  
Your customers, developers, and management will thank you!
Why join?


More Revenue

As a partner, you will grow your revenue from reselling our technology to the end customer.  Also, you will benefit from additional revenue from new customers and new professional services business from current customers.


More Competitive

By using ITF, you will instantly become more competitive when bidding for SailPoint implementation work vs. other IAM system integrators and managed support teams.  With ITF, your teams will be faster, better, and less expensive than the competition.


Satisfied Customers

Your SailPoint end customers will experience better quality, faster development and will be more compliant.  They will certainly be more satisfied with their SailPoint deployment and with your services.


Happier Developers

Your top developers and solution architects want to build and are not particularly fond of performing testing.  With ITF, you provide them with a tool that will significantly cut down on testing effort. 

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