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Challenges in testing SailPoint IdentityIQ

The following are some of the common challenges that developers face in testing SailPoint IdentityIQ deployments, and how our IIQ Test Framework (ITF) can resolve them:

1: Resource Intensity

Developers often struggle with the substantial resources required for SailPoint IIQ solutions. This can lead to budget overruns and project delays, making it difficult to meet deadlines.

Resolution: Our ITF plug-in streamlines the testing process, reducing resource requirements. By facilitating continuous testing, developers can catch issues earlier in the development cycle, reducing the need for extensive testing phases later on.

2: Inadequate Testing

The pressure to meet deadlines and budget constraints can result in inadequate testing. This can lead to undetected issues and bugs, which require additional work to resolve.

Resolution: ITF promotes thorough and ongoing testing. With automated testing and continuous checks, developers can ensure that their IIQ solutions are rigorously tested. This results in more reliable and robust solutions, reducing the likelihood of post-implementation issues.

3: Testing Timeframes

Testing can be time-consuming, causing project timelines to extend beyond what was initially planned.

Resolution: ITF significantly shortens the time required for IIQ solution development by expediting the testing phase. This allows developers to meet deadlines more effectively and keep projects on track.

4: High Project Costs

Extensive testing and bug-fixing can lead to higher project costs due to the additional hours and resources required.

Resolution: ITF's continuous testing helps identify and rectify issues early in the development process, reducing the need for costly post-implementation fixes. This, in turn, contributes to cost savings for IIQ projects.

5: Maintaining Quality

Balancing speed and quality can be challenging. Developers often worry that accelerating the development process might compromise the quality of IIQ solutions.

Resolution: ITF's continuous testing approach enhances quality without sacrificing speed. By catching issues early and consistently, developers can ensure the reliability and robustness of their IIQ solutions while meeting project timelines.


In summary, the ITF plug-in effectively addresses the challenges faced by SailPoint IIQ developers, offering a comprehensive solution to streamline development, enhance the quality of testing, reduce project costs, and ensure the successful and timely delivery of SailPoint IdentityIQ solutions.

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