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Unlocking the power of IIQ Testing Framework

Welcome to the future of SailPoint IdentityIQ development, where precision meets efficiency with the IIQ Test Framework (ITF).

Developed by SailPoint experts, ITF is an innovative tool designed to reshape the way your teams approach development and testing within the SailPoint IdentityIQ ecosystem.

In the ever-evolving context of Identity and Access Management (IAM), where security and reliability are paramount, ITF emerges as a unique solution. The ability to streamline and optimize the development lifecycle makes SailPoint IdentityIQ development not only robust, but also developed efficiently.

As organizations strive for excellence in IAM, ITF offers developers a dedicated solution for testing SailPoint IdentityIQ developments. From reducing testing efforts during development by 50% to achieving a remarkable 90% savings in regression testing, ITF is ready to change the way you approach and execute testing processes.

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