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White Paper:
IdentityIQ Testing Framework (ITF)


The flexibility of SailPoint IdentityIQ and its powerful configuration capabilities allow for the fulfillment of most advanced business requirements.  To properly implement complex business requirements, IIQ developers must perform extensive testing during development and ongoing management of the solution.  This testing process is highly intricatedue to the vast number of elements that interact with each other (tasks, workflows, requests, etc.), often manual given the number of steps required to configure identities, accounts, test cases, test data, and non-repeatable given that test cases and test data are not stored for future use once the development is completed.


Our solution provides IdentityIQ developers with a powerful testing plug-in that can be deployed to any SailPoint IIQ environment and Integrated Development Environment (IDE).  The plug-in, called IdentityIQ Testing Framework (ITF), empowers SailPoint IIQ developers with an easy-to-use tool that transforms testing into an automated and repeatable process by allowing the developers to define and store test cases and test data, run the tests, and receive test results validations in a matter of seconds.

What is IdentityIQ Testing Framework (ITF)?

Our proprietary plug-in (ITF) is a unique solution that significantly improves the quality of development effort, decreases the time it takes to develop the IIQ solution, and reduces the effort to test IIQ upgrades. The framework is easy to learn and benefits all users and developers of SailPoint IIQ:

  • SailPoint IIQ solution developers

  • SailPoint IIQ managed services teams


Clients using ITF achieve a high return-on-investment (ROI) and powerful business results, which ultimately lead to increased customer satisfaction.  ITF helps clients and developers:

  1. Improve the quality of the development of IIQ solutions

Given the magnitude of the effort to deploy the SailPoint IIQ solution, developers are hard-pressed to complete the development on time and on budget. This pressure often results in insufficient testing, which subsequently results in potential bugs and rework. ITF’s capabilities assist developers in testing on the go, which improves the quality of their development work.

  2.  Decrease IIQ development and testing time

Whether it’s an initial Sailpoint IIQ development or a change request, testing should constitute a significant percentage of the overall development effort. ITF assists the solution development process, automates the testing, and significantly slashes the testing effort by staging the environment, defining and storing test cases, automatically running test cases, and providing test results. 


  3.  Help clients test IIQ software upgrades


New versions of the SailPoint IIQ software are being released on a regular basis, and ITF can assist with testing the upgrades.

How ITF Works

Developed by senior IIQ solution architects, ITF is intended to be used from the very beginning of the development process and includes a growing list of powerful commands that allow the user to perform testing, such as:


  • Aggregate – performs single account aggregation using configured data

  • Refresh – runs identity refresh with configurable set of options

  • processEvents – invokes targeted lifecycle event

  • Maintenance – performs maintenance task to invoke backgrounded workflows

  • RunWfl – runs any workflow with arbitrary set of arguments

  • ValidateResults – allows validating any attributes of identity, link, role, application

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