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Founded by industry experts and architects, AM Identity is a provider of technologies and services for testing and auditing Identity Governance & Administration solutions. 

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The flexibility of SailPoint IdentityIQ and its powerful configuration capabilities allow for the fulfillment of most advanced business requirements.  To properly implement complex business requirements, IIQ developers must perform extensive testing during development.  This testing process is highly intricate due to the vast number of elements that interact with each other, often manual given the number of steps required, and non-repeatable given that test cases and test data are not stored for future use once the development is completed.

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Our solution provides IdentityIQ developers with a powerful testing plug-in that can be deployed to any SailPoint IIQ environment and Integrated Development Environment (IDE).  The plug-in, called IdentityIQ Testing Framework (ITF), empowers SailPoint IIQ developers with an easy-to-use tool that transforms testing into an automated and repeatable process by allowing the developers to define and store test cases and test data, run the tests, and receive test results validations in a matter of seconds.

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Home: Our Technology

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